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In order to increase our international recognition, TYHI pays equal attention to both the international and domestic markets. In the years to come, TYHI will strive to increase the export rate from 15% in 2010 to 30% and eventually 50%.

The further establishment of TYHI’s international sales network is currently underway. We have already created subsidiary companies in India and Hongkong. Moreover, we have branch offices and service stations in Germany, Peru, Australia, Mongolia, Russia, Chile, South Africa and Australia.

Our entry into international markets has moved swiftly since 2006. We have already exported our main products to approximately 50 different countries and regions. The main products of export include two hundred thirty cranes, thirty six excavators, over thirty coke ovens, eight seamless pipe production lines, three spiral welded pipe production lines, one bar production line, one cut to length production line, eight heavy-duty aluminum extrusion presses, three forging hydraulic presses, three strip levelers, four hundred thousand axles,six hundred  thousand wheels and sixty thousand wheel sets.

TZ Hong Kong international limited opening ceremony

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