TZ400 Jack-up Drilling Platform Launched

2016-12-28 Print

On the 26th of Dec, TZ400 Jack-up drilling platform, which is the first one TZ completely own the independent intellectual property rights, had been launched at TZ harbor base port. This platform is high level marine engineering equipment for developing offshore oil and gas. The launching mood is the national initiative heavy-loaded truck slipping parallel launching process. It realizes the big breakthrough for platform construction.

This TZ400 jack-up drilling platform is suitable for mud sandy or muddy seabed work. The biggest working depth can reach to 400 feet and the drilling capacity is 30000 feet, the weight of empty ship is 16000t, the effective deck area is 3700 ㎡,the whole platform is like a half football field, the biggest load can reach to 3900t. We initiatively use heavy-load truck for platform launch, which is effective and safe.



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