Three sets of Shore Crane was Sent to Indonesia

2017-02-06 Print

Recently, our company has made three sets shore cranes of 60t-46m for KCI KONECRANES and dispatched from TZ Binhai wharf to Indonesia client wharf.

KCI KONECRANES shore crane products technical level and quality level have both reached to international advanced level. The single machine weight is about 1000t and the height is about 25m, the max. load is 60t, the max. Working distance is 46m. Its working status can be very various. It can lift one 12m standard Container and also can lift one or two 6m containers.

This delivery is the first time of our port machinery send to client by FOB terms as whole machine without dismantle. This is the second time that our TZ Binhai wharf use its 3000t slide to finish whole machine dispatch, which is better than dismantle. Because it can minimize installation costs and ensure the quality of product.



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