5 Sets of Excavators Exported to Russia

2017-02-06 Print

At the beginning of 2017, a piece of good news came from TZ mining sub-company: we have signed a contract with Russia company for 2 sets of 20 m3 excavators  and 3 sets of 35m3  excavators. These 20 m3 excavators are the first time to enter to Russia market.

The above mentioned excavators are the most competitive products of TZ. These 5 sets excavators are the up-grade of original model. Based on many years experience of manufacturing mining excavators, we adopted advanced designing, processing,manufacturing and controlling technique in and out of China,including latest and most advanced air cleaning de-dusting system and SIEMENS S120AC frequency control.

Our Russia client site is at Siberia borderland, where normal temperature is always minus 40-50 degree. So we innovatively design the lubrication system and tracing heat temperature keeping device to adjust the local temperature.

According to contract request, four out of five sets of excavators should be sent within 2017 and the last set will be dispatched at the beginning of 2018.

As reported, Russia has inclination to purchase excavators from TZ for more than 7 years. Earlier in Oct of 2010, TZ 35m3 excavator exported to Russia at the first time. After half-year installation and commissioning, it put into use at the July of next year. Then our excavators worked very well at harsh circumstance, which proved our products property all reach to international first-class level.

At Dec. of 2011, we received furthermore order of 4 excavators of 35m3 from Russia clients.

TZ excavators not only can satisfy our domestic market but also have been exported to Russia,Pakistan,Peru,Kazakhstan,India,Myanmar,Mongolia,Chile,South Africa,Iran, Liberia and so on, which reach to significant economic benefits and social benefits.



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