The Success of Forging the Huge Pipe Di

Recently, our company has successfully forged an pipe die with OD of 1.7m, ID of 1.232m, length of 7m and weight of 51t. This forging piece requests high-level control ablity, especially for the control of the curvature. The success of this forging piece marked our forging ability had reached a new level.

36000t Ferrous Metal Extruding Press Win The Award

Recently,Ministry of Science and Technology officailly issued “2015 annual national science and technology progress prize winning project directory”.Our 36000t Ferrous Metal Extruding Press win the 2nd Prize, which are developed together with Tsinghua University and other 6 companies.

A certification letter from South Africa

We had exported 4 sets of huge excavators to South Africa. During the commissioning, our after-sell service got approval from our clients. One of our clients, AngloAmerican,  sent us a letter of certificaition as follow,
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