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TYHI is the largest manufacturer of excavators in China. Since 1961, we have developed the first 4 m³ electric rope shovel with a standard dipper capacity of 4 m³ to 75 m³. We produce WK-4C, WK-8, WK-10B, WK-12, WK-20, WK-27, WK-35, WK-55 and WK-75 excavators, which utilize gear-rack crowding and AC VVVF technology. The world’s first and largest WK-75 mining excavator is now in operation in Xilin Haote, in Datang. Up to now, we have supplied more than 1300 excavators in China to gain more than 95% of market share in China. Our excavators are widely used in coal mines, metallurgical mines and ferro-metal mines. More than 36 of our excavators have been exported abroad, to locations such as India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Peru, Russia, Kazakhstan, Chile and South Africa.

Recently, TYHI has completed research and design of semi-continuous equipment consisting of a mobile crusher, stationary or semi-stationary crusher, a mobile or stationary belt wagon, hopper car, cable reel car, belt conveyor, waste disposal machine, and unloading cars. This equipment can be used for hard rock crushing and transportation in open pit mines with an annual output of 10 million tons or more.

TYHI has also completed research and development of a series of WYD260 and WYD390 hydraulic excavators, and our WYD260 hydraulic excavator is currently under development.

The Chinese first 4m³ excavator manufactured in 1961, now still in use at the mine site

The Chinese first 10m³ excavator in 1977

WK-35 at Uzbass, Russia


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