In 2014, the gearbox production line was built for the production and repair of high speed and urban rail gearboxes. The annual capacity is 10, 000 gearboxes. Its main set up includes multifunctional heat treatment furnace, finish machining and inspection equipment, and assembly line, and test bed for high-accuracy gearboxes.

Our company has produced the traction gear boxes series products for domestic high-speed railway and urban rail and our products has been successfully tested by experiments, and got authoritative approval at home and abroad. The main products are Type A and Type B urban rail traction gearboxes,100% low floor traction gearboxes, and(250-350 km/h)high speed rail traction gearboxes.

  • 140km/h subway gearbox
    140km/h subway gearbox
  • 100%low floor gearbox
    100%low floor gearbox
  • 250km/h gearbox
    250km/h gearbox
  • 350km/h gearbox
    350km/h gearbox
  • gearbox test figure
    gearbox test figure


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