TYHI has produced hundreds of slab tong cranes with capacities from 20t to114t, including 2x10t, 2x16t, 2x16/32t, 2x35t, 2x36t, 20t, 27t, 40t, 40t, 45t, 64/25+25t, 60t, 70t and 98t. Our 64/25+25t crane is the first powered tong crane that ever made in China. TYHI’s EOT slab tong cranes with a capacity of 25t-112t are an essential piece of equipment for continuous casting mills and hot strip mills and our cranes’ outstanding quality makes us a leader worldwide.

40t slab tong crane for An’ Steel

64t slab tong crane

70t slab tong crane

98t slab tong crane


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