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TYHI has supplied the majority of heavy duty cranes worldwide; today we have produced more than 6000 cranes, including 1200t EOT cranes for hydropower stations, 500t gantry cranes 500t+500t double trolley EOT cranes for hydropower stations, 500t ladle cranes (the largest made in Asia), 550t casting cranes (the largest made in China), 280t quenching cranes (the largest made in China), polar cranes for nuclear power plants and fuel transportation cars (the first made in the world which adopted 4th generation nuclear power technology). TYHI occupies 90% market share of cranes with a capacity above 300t for steel making plants.

TYHI produces cranes that are widely used in the metallurgical, energy (including hydropower plants, nuclear power plants, coal-thermal power plants and wind turbines), aeronautics, machinery fabrication (including machines, chemicals, automobiles and ships), civil construction, rail, environmental protection, sea port/wharves and transportation industries. Our cranes have been exported to more than twenty countries around the world, indeed to each continent except Antarctica. Among these are India, South-Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arab, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australian, Columbia,Ecuador, Algeria,Bangladesh and Pakistan. This has resulted in a significant amount of repeat business.

Recently TYHI has begun manufacturing cranes for civil construction, including 660t crawler cranes, 1200t crawler telescopic cranes, 1200t mobile telescopic cranes and 6400t hydraulic cranes.

TYHI can also specially manufacture cranes per clients’ specifications and actual working conditions, with the same safety and reliability, low operating expenses, easy of maintenance and relative low price as our other cranes.

In addition, TYHI can undertake turn-key crane projects. We have an impressive amount of experience in the design, manufacture, transport, installation, commissioning, load testing and licensing of such cranes.

Contract signing ceremony for a 1200t EOT crane for the Three Gorges Dam

520t ladle crane


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