TYHI can both supply cranes and undertake turn-key contracts for mines, port wharves, coke plants, firing plants, steel plants and rolling mills.

We can supply ≤6400h/t stacker reclaimers, belt conveyors, ship loaders / unloaders and undertake turn-key contracts for mines and part wharves.

We can supply ≤6400h/t stacker reclaimers and belt conveyors, and undertake turn-key contracts for firing plants and iron-making plants.

We can also undertake turn-key contracts for cranes, including the supply of charging cranes, ladle cranes, lancing cranes, refining winches (or lifters) and slab tong cranes. Our turn-key contract projects can decrease the user’s workload and speed up the whole project.

TYHI can install mills and supply heavy duty EOT cranes, slab tong cranes, coil tong cranes (horizontal or vertical) and magnet cranes (with spreader beam).

21t special crane for hundred meter lifting


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