TYHI’s cranes can be found in hundreds of hydropower plants all over China. As the dominant supplier of heavy duty EOT and gantry cranes for hydro-power plants, we can both supply EOT cranes for generator houses or gantry cranes for dam spillways. We also can provide turnkey contract services, including design, manufacture, transport, installation, commissioning, load testing and licensing.

We produced the 350t gantry crane for the Three Gorges Dam spillway—the first spillway crane made in China. Since its first went into operation in 1961, this crane has lifted the dam gate over 400 times on average each year. It is often overloaded, even servicing loads of more than 540t, and yet, the crane still runs very well without any kind of malfunction.

TYHI also produced the 500t gantry crane for the Longyang Gorge Dam; the largest snake-rail gantry crane made in China. It has continuously functioned well despite the challenges of extreme altitude, cold weather, and flooding. For this, the crane has won the National 1st Level Technology Improvement Award.

In 2002 TYHI supplied five 500t spillway gantry cranes for the Three Gorges Dam. Moreover, we have supplied hundreds of spillway gantry cranes for hydropower plants both at home and abroad.

500t gantry cranes for the Three Gorges Dam hydropower plant

500t gantry cranes for the Three Gorges Dam hydropower plant

Gantry cranes for Gezhou Dam hydropower plant


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