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TYHI produces various cranes for smelting shops, casting shops, forging shops, machining shops, and assembly shops in machinery industry. We can also undertake turnkey projects, including design, manufacture, transport, installation, commissioning, load testing and licensing.

TYHI has supplied a significant amount of ladle cranes, forging cranes and EOT cranes etc. for nearly every major machinery and equipment manufacturer in China, including China First Heavy Industry, China Second Heavy Industry, CITIC Heavy Industry, Dongfang Electrics, Harbin Electrics and Shanghai Electrics.

We are also able to supply 50t-1200t EOT cranes, 32t-600t gantry cranes, 200t-550t forging cranes and 32t-280t quenching cranes for machinery and equipment manufacturers.

560/250t EOT crane for China First Heavy Industry Group

550t forging cranes for CITIC Heavy Industry Group

50/10t gantry for Taiyuan Stainless Steel


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