This system is a cross rolling system which is suitable for the production of medium- and thick-walled precision tubes. It is capable of producing various alloy tubes, bearing steel and carbon steel tubes. Our modern Assel mill system is equipped with a state-of-the-art hydraulic opening unit to eliminate tail triangles and improve the material yield.

A number of improvements in the structure of the machine reduce the time for changing the specification of products so that it is easy for customers to organize the production of small batch orders with multiple specifications. Product quality is improved further by means of retaining mandrel bar technology. Over the past several years, TYHI has supplied Φ159mm, Φ273mm, and Φ325mm Assel mill hot rolling lines since it designed and manufactured the first set of Φ159mm Assel mill hot rolling line in China in 2003, for which we gained intellectual property rights.

Φ325mm Assel mill system

Φ273 mm Assel mill system


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