TYHI is the largest supplier of plate levelers in China. Our plate levelers are available in 5-hi to 21-hi models with a leveling thickness of 0.5 to 100mm. The 9-hi and 11-hi hot medium and thick plate levelers are capable of leveling plates with a thickness of up to 100mm and a width of 5000mm and leading technology.

TYHI’s plate levelers have been exported to a number of countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Spain.

Our 17-hi and 21-hi levelers have won the National Quality Golden Award and Silver Award respectively. Our 9-hi levelers have been awarded the Third Prize for National Technological Progress. The 5-hi medium and thick plate, wide and thick plate pre-levelers and the 7-hi strip fully-hydraulic levelers have the National Invention Patent and Patent of Utility Model awards.

5-hi medium and thick plate, wide and thick plate pre-levelers

These kinds of levelers are used for leveling low alloy high strength steel plates, high strength steel plates for engineering machinery, quality carbon structure steel plates. They are located between pre-cooling equipment and the fine cooling mill. Primary leveling needs control the cooling speed of steel plates in order to improve the safety of cooling operation and cooling effects.

7-hi fully-hydraulic levelers

These type of levelers are used for leveling stainless steel plates with a thickness of 25mm to 35mm which are heated inductively. Its screw-down and bending rolls are driven hydraulically. The flatness of the leveled plates is not smaller than 10mm. This is a kind of stainless steel plate leveler with a brand new structure.

5 Meters Hot Plate Leveler

3.5 Meters Hot Plate Leveler

3.8 Meters Fully Hydraulic Leveler

17-hi Sheet Leveler


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