Three-roll Continuous Rolling Tube Mill is a kind of 3-roll type longitudinal rolling system with multiple stands and retained mandrel. This system, featuring big output, close tolerance in wall thickness and outside diameter, and high material yield, is acknowledged as the most state-of-the-art production technology of seamless tubes worldwide.

In order to cater to market demands, we have developed Ф180 mm, Ф273mm, Ф340mm and Ф460mm three-roll continuous rolling tube mills, covering all sizes of tubes below 460mm OD.

Since the year of 2010, when the three-roll continuous rolling mill supplied by TYHI, as the first complete set of three-roll continuous rolling mill designed and manufactured by Chinese manufacturers, was put into commercial operation, we have consecutively obtained the orders for the systems and exported to South Korea, India and so on.

Ф180mm three-roll continuous rolling line

Ф180mm three-roll continuous rolling mill system

Ф340mm continuous rolling mill system

Ф140mm continuous rolling mill system


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