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TYHI is the largest manufacturing base for spiral welded pipe equipment. Wecan design and manufacture different equipments to produce spiral welded pipesand ERW pipes, which with a steel grade of X80, a plate thickness of 6~25.4mmand a diameter rangingfrom ¢377~3000mm, and canmeet API standards.

Spiral welded pipe equipment consists of interrupted and continuous production lines and can be designed and manufactured with one step or two step forming. Our finishing line, pipe end beveling and facing machine, end expanding machine, hydraulic tester and NDT are all designed in accordance with API standards for different processing arrangements.

To date, we have manufactured more than twenty sets of spiral welded pipe equipment, including three production lines which were exported to the USA and India.

Spiral welded pipe production line at Kun Steel

Spiral welded pipe production line at BSW, in Shanghai

Spiral welded pipe production line at Bayi Steel, in Xinjiang


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