With the help of this production line, high quality large-caliber straight-seam welded pipes conforming to API, SPEC and 5L (42 versions) can be produced. The main pipes produced include petroleum and natural gas pipes; water coal slurry and ore slurry pipes; civil construction coal pipes, water supply and drain and heating supply engineering pipes; structural pipes with large wall thicknesses, piling pipes for bridges, chemical pipelines, electric power station pipelines and pipelines with other various applications.

Longitudinal SAW Pipe Mill (JCOE) is capable of producing large diameter round and square pipes which are used for water supply and drain, thermal engineering, structure purpose and so on.

Longitudinal SAW Pipe Mill (JCOE) for Hebei Huayang Steel Pipe

UOE Large-caliber Straight Seam Welded Mill Train for Bao Steel


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