TZ’s Tianjin base has two main products, namely port machinery and maritime engineering equipment. Through the development of technology and market exploration over the last three years, our group has developed the capacity to design a full range of port machinery equipment and has made major breakthroughs in the development of maritime engineering equipment.

The port machinery products of our Tianjin base are high quality, excellent in performance, have a high overload capacity and outstanding reliability. The main types of equipment are gantry cranes, ship loaders, ship unloaders, quayside cranes, barge cranes and stacker-reclaimers etc.

Quayside Crane (QC): A quayside crane is a crane used for loading and unloading of containers. It is the most basic piece of equipment for container terminals and also the most vital one. Our quayside cranes are highly efficient, safe and reliable.

Rubber Tire Gantry: A rubber tire gantry is a special type of equipment for container yards. Due to its mobility, it is used at container yards or quayside container yards. Our rubber tire gantries, also known as RTGs, can operate on the goods yard using rubber tires, veer and transit to new operation yards flexibly.

Bridge Type Ship Unloader: Suitable for unloading operations of bulk cargo, such as coal, at small and medium ports or power plant docks. Bridge type ship unloaders work quickly and efficiently. They can operate on rails and their net gantry height can allow for the passage of transportation vehicles. The bulk cargo, after being scooped into the grab bucket and transferred into a tapered hopper, is transferred to the belt conveyor on the dock via the discharging mouth of the hopper and then to the storage yard. The front beam can perform pitching movements. These types of unloaders are classified into two types based on drive mode, namely, wire-driven and self-driven types.

Continuous Ship Unloader: Our continuous ship unloaders can be classified into bucket ship unloaders, hanging chain bucket ship unloaders, buried scraper unloaders, bucket wheel unloaders, screw unloaders and double-belt ship unloaders. They are highly efficienct, lightweight, have a low rate of pollution and are self-driven.

Gantry Crane (JIB): These cranes are for loading and unloading bulk cargo at the quayside. We manufacture 150t, 60t, 40t and 25t models.

Bucket Wheel Stacker-Reclaimer: These are a type of highly efficient and modern equipment for the continuous loading and unloading of bulk cargo, which are widely used for the stacking and reclaiming of bulk cargo at ports, docks, metallurgical factories, concrete factories, steel factories, coking factories, coal storage factories and power plants. The traction bucket wheel stacker-reclaimers are an improvement over the current rocking bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer model. They are reduced in size and weight, and benefit from improved mobility, stability, and increased operation efficiency, which reduces maintenance costs and brings about obvious financial benefits.

Rubber tire gantry

Continuous Ship Unloader

Bucket Wheel Stacker-Reclaimer


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