TYHI’s ferrous metals extrusion presses are mainly used for extruding carbon steel, steel alloy, die steel and high-temperature hard-to-deform alloys. They are also for extruding titanium and its alloys. We offer both horizontal extrusion and vertical extrusion presses.

Our ferrous metals extrusion presses include 12.5MN, 16MN, 35MN and 63MN presses, among which 12.5MN and 63MN ferrous metals extrusion presses have been exported to Pakistan and Myanmar. Our 63MN steel extrusion press, a horizontal oil-drive ferrous-metals extrusion press, is the largest in the world.

Horizontal ferrous metals extrusion presses: 12.5MN, 16MN, 35MN and 63MN

Vertical ferrous metals extrusion presses: 150MN, 260MN, 360MN, 660MN

16MN Steel Extrusion Press

63MN Steel Extrusion Press Exported to Myanmar

Erection and Commissioning Site for 12.5MN Steel Extrusion Press Exported to Pakistan


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