TYHI’s oil die forging water hydraulic presses utilize water as their transmission medium. They are mainly used for open-die forging production of shaftings, rings, drums, disks and square billets. Our forgings are widely used in the nuclear power, energy, petrochemical, aviation, spaceflight, shipbuilding and military industries.

Our open-die forging hydraulic presses include 5MN, 12.5MN, 16MN, 20MN, 25MN, 31.5MN, 45MN and 125MN models.

TYHI also designs and manufactures 60MN, 80MN, 125MN, 160MN and 200MN open-die forging water hydraulic presses.

45MN Open-Die Forging Water Hydraulic Press

125MN free forging hydraulic press


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