TYHI has, on its own, developed an Assel mill hot rolling line, an Accu-roll mill hot rolling line, a continuous rolling mill hot rolling line, a large diameter seamless pipe production line, all of which can meet the various demands of our customers. These lines are used for producing seamless tubes of various steel grades in sizes ranging from 48.3mm to 1200mm OD and with a wall thickness of 4.83 to 100mm, for OCTG tubes, energy pipes, line pipes, high-pressure boiler tubes and nuclear power pipes. Currently, OCTG tubes made in China have nearly overtaken similar products found abroad in variety, specifications, quantity and quality. As a result, most energy pipes, boiler tubes, and nuclear power pipes are produced in China.

The scope of design and supply by TYHI covers the entire seamless tube mill plant from round solid billet to finished products, including billet preparation area, rotary hearth furnace area,piercing mill area, rolling mill area, sizing/reducing mill area, cooling bed area and finishing lines.


  • Piercing mill
    Piercing mill
  • Three -roll Continuous Rolling Mill
    Three -roll Continuous Rolling Mill
  • Stretch Reducing Mill
    Stretch Reducing Mill
  • Cooling Bed
    Cooling Bed
  • Straightening Machine
    Straightening Machine


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