TYHI is the main production base for extrusion presses in China. We have produced approximately 300 different extrusion presses such as aluminum extrusion presses, copper extrusion presses, steel extrusion presses, carbon extrusion presses and magnesium alloy extrusion presses in order to meet the demands of railway, aviation, shipbuilding and military industries.

Our market share in China for super-heavy extrusion presses is over 80%. Representative products include our 110MN double-action aluminum extrusion press, our 90MN single-action aluminum extrusion press, our 40MN double-action horizontal copper pipe extrusion press and our 63MN steel extrusion press.

We have also developed a series of aluminum extrusion presses ranging from 20MN-225MN models. The development of our first 300MN aluminum extrusion press is currently underway. Over the years various extrusion presses have been exported to locations such as the U.S.A., ROK, Pakistan and Myanmar.

Our corporation boasts its own advanced manufacturing base for heavy hydraulic presses. We have produced approximately 100 different types of punching hydraulic presses, including automobile frame presses, boiler end cover presses, flattening presses and gas cylinder press production lines. Our 3000t automobile frame presses have been exported to Pakistan.

Additionally, we have produced over 30 different types of forging presses, with specifications ranging from 31.5MN-125MN, including open-die forging presses, high-speed forging presses and die forging presses. Our 80MN high-speed forging oil presses meet international quality standards.

225MN Single-Action Aluminum Extrusion Press

100MN Double-Action Direct Extrusion Press

80MN High-Speed Open-Die Forging Hydraulic Press


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