TYHI is one of dominant enterprises for China's new energy development and utilization and manufacturing of wind power generator. From the development of wind power speed-increasing gear & main shaft to the design & manufacturing of the first 1.5MW double-fed constant-frequency wind power generator, which has been erected & commissioned, and also combined to the grid. TYHI has made significant breakthroughs in independent development and exploitation of wind turbines within the short time.

TYHI has provided 346 sets 1.5 MW, 366 sets 2.0 MW, 17 sets 3.0 MW and 3 sets 5.0 MW series wind power generators which have already been successfully connected into the grid and put into operation. We are currently developing 6.0MW wind power generators.

TYHI can optimize the design of wind power generator according to client requirements and actual condition of wind farm, and supply wind farm on the turnkey basis.

1.5MW wind turbine in transit for delivery

2MW wind turbine operation

3MW wind turbine

5MW wind turbine


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