TYHI is a leading manufacturer of coal gasification equipment in China; it is also the production base for large pressure vessels, synthesis reactors, oxidation reactors and heat exchangers.

Since we manufactured our first piece of coal gasification equipment in 1953, we have produced several types of coal gasification equipment, such as various types of pressure gasifiers, atmospheric gasifies, two-stage gasifiers and water gas gasifiers. These amount to almost 10,000 units(sets), and have provided a large amount of key equipment for coal chemical projects of many corporations, such as Shanxi Luan, Xinjing Guanghui, Datang Guoji, Shijiazhong Jinshi, Yuntianhua Group, Yunmei Group, Yunnan Ruiqi, Yilixintian, Sino-coal Group, Inner-Mongolia Hueneng, Shanxi Jinmei Group, Shanxi Coking coal Group, Heilongjing Huaben Bioengergy Ltd., and China No.1 tractor Group. During this time, our products have contributed to the development and strengthening of China’s metallurgical, chemical, fertilizer, ceramics, glass, iron and steel, and coal chemical industries.

We offer chemical products, and can carry out EPC projects and offer a full range of high quality services including design, manufacture, procurement, construction, installation, testing, operation, and personnel training. We have been successful in a number of turn-key EPC projects for the metallurgical, chemical, and mechanical industries.

Recent years, We have contacted several EPC projects such as the Coal Gas Station of Yunnan Wenshan Aluminum Co., Ltd, Coal to Glycol Project of Shanxi Xiangkuang Group Ltd, Smelting Reduction Ironmaking Project of Shandong Molong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd, “MK Gasifier” Test Platform of China Coal Research Insititue, Alternative Engergy Source EPC Project in Zhengkang Park of Hebei Shahe Zhengkang Energy Ltd and etc.

We possess advanced material pre-treatment and welding technology, and have accumulated a wealth of experience in welding carbon steel, high-strength steel, stainless steel and special steel. Most of our welders have international welding qualifications and pressure vessel welding qualifications, which further guarantees the welding quality of our products.

Shanxi Luan coal to oil project with a production capacity of 160,000 tons

Xinjing Guanghui project with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million tons methanol and 0.8 million tons of dimethylether

Gas station EPC project for Wenshan Alumina Co.


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